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I’m Dr. Sasha Raskin and together with our coaching center's coaches, we help individuals, couples, groups, and organizations in person in Boulder, Colorado, or via video calls worldwide to create a life and career of excitement, productivity, and fulfillment.

Our specialties include Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Adult ADD / ADHD Coaching , Social Skills Coaching , Couples Coaching / Relationship Coaching , and Multiple Career Coaching.
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My passion, as well as everyone else's in our coaching center is helping others to achieve the success, excitement, and lifestyle that they truly want! Personally, I do that as an author, a coach, a couples therapist and coach, and a family counselor.

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We haven’t met yet, but I know that you are here because there is an obstacle between you and your dream. You might know what it is, and you might not. In both cases, if you are not fulfilling your calling, if you keep postponing, if your lifestyle drains your from energy, if you’re burnt out, if the relationships in your life don’t feel supportive, or if you’re afraid or simply don’t know what’s the next important step for you is, then things need to change now! For yourself first, but also for the world, because it needs you and it needs your positive impact. 

Some of my clients are blessed but also challenged by ADHD. Some of them are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Some feel too comfortable in their current jobs, and some are terrified to play full out. I get it. I’ve been there too. I also know that you’ve already overcome incredible challenges. 

The clients I work with achieve their dreams. And after they do they realize that what they felt was impossible is now too easy and that they can dare even greater, and dream bigger. And once you do too, you’ll realize the most important thing: That you are way more powerful than what you’ve ever imagined. That you are enough. And that the universe has got your back. 

So let’s launch your company, let’s publish your book, if you're a therapist or a coach let’s build your private practice, if you have ADHD let's use it to your advantage, or let’s create the romantic relationship that you always desired.


Let’s do the deep work that will help you be big in the world, show up fully, speak your truth, and live an authentic life: In your career, your business, your romantic relationship, with your family and friends, and most importantly with yourself.


You’ll discover that as soon as you stop settling for less, that one door that was so far closed for you will open, and will stay open forever. 

I believe in you: I’ve seen the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with achieve the impossible, and I constantly see myself doing the same every day. So let’s talk. Let’s talk about how you can achieve your dream, how you close the gap between where you want to be and where you are today, and how you can start today. 

sasha raskin life coaching business coaching career coach coaching boulder denver true next step career add adhd coaching

Do you feel stuck in your life, especially in one specific area?

Are you generally satisfied with the way things are, but you know that you want more from life?


Whether you want to make one small change, or changes on a large scale, life coaching will be a strong catalyst for creating a life well-lived. When looking back over your life, do you want to be able to say that you made a difference in the lives of the people around you, that you took risks, pursued your passions, and lived your life to the fullest? Do you want to live your life in a way that people will remember you by?


leadership coachin and executive coachign in boulder co

In leadership coaching and executive coaching, you and/or your team will build on your strengths in becoming the leader/s that have a positive and huge impact on the world. In our work we will focus on clarifying your vision, and we’ll bring it to fruition.


You will develop your inherent leadership skills in new ways that build on your experience and knowledge while implementing new proven methods of strengths-based leadership. Through radiating new confidence, people will be drawn to you due to your reputation as a leader in your field. Being in your presence will be inspiring.



sasha raskin life coaching business coaching career coach coaching boulder denver true next step career add adhd coaching

Have you been diagnosed with ADHD?

Are you undiagnosed, but suspect you might have ADHD?

Is your career suffering from your problems with focusing, time management, and finishing things?

Confusion, shame and enormous frustration can develop from feeling like you can’t do what’s expected of you while others have an easy time of it. Every person with ADHD is unique, and has unique gifts because of their ADHD. Don’t suffer from it anymore- thrive with it! I’d love to show you how.


sasha raskin life coaching business coaching career coach coaching boulder denver true next step career add adhd coaching

Do you have more than one interest, passion, ability?

Do you have more than one great business idea?

Do you have a work history that includes varying, unrelated jobs?


Perhaps you weren’t meant to be stuck in one track. For some, having more than one freelance career, job or business is exactly right. For you, the dream life means bravely crafting a combination of several different dreams. Our culture discourages you from thriving in your own way. You CAN do more than one thing that you love! You CAN create a prosperous life with multiple simultaneous career tracks! I will help you get there.


sasha raskin life coaching business coaching career coach coaching boulder denver true next step career add adhd coaching

Are you feeling stuck in you business or career?

Is your business not thriving the way you want it to?

Have you lost sight of your joy and purpose?

Are you ready to start the business of your dreams?


Seeing the way forward can be difficult and anxiety can prevent you from making moves. Business Coaching helps you find clarity, a strong plan, and support. You will gain financial freedom, excitement, and the lifestyle that you always dreamt of.


sasha raskin life coaching business coaching career coach coaching boulder denver true next step career add adhd coaching

Do you feel dissatisfied with your career?

Do you feel a lack of joy or meaning in what you’re doing?

Do you want to start a new career but not sure what the next step is?


The way you spend your days at work is the way you spend your life! The feeling of having a job you dislike can come with a kind of honor- but the truth is that you live in a world of options and opportunity. Whatever is holding you back can be addressed and worked on, no matter how insurmountable it seems. Strive for your dream career, achieve it, and find a level of happiness and satisfaction beyond imagination. I will coach you to get there.


College Friends

Do everyday communication tasks leave you feeling drained and discouraged? 

Do past experiences, and nagging insecurities make attending social gatherings feel nerve-wracking?

Do you feel “socially awkward” and does it impact your sense of confidence?

Does the stress of conversing with others make it challenging to reach out when you want to connect with peers, potential romantic partners or network in your career?


With Social Skills Coaching you'll be able to develop new friendships and romantic relationships, feel more organized and in control of your well-being, and become confident in your social worth and ability to communicate!


Students with iPad

If you or your child find it difficult (and sometimes nearly impossible) to begin school/work assignments, to plan efficiently and ensure that your goals are possible to accomplish, to organize (not just your school work, but any aspect of life), to show up to places and for people that you make commitments to, to manage work and life changes effectively, to pick up on common social cues, to stay focused on tasks and to follow a sequence or plan then we are so glad that you have found us! 

Learning new material in school and at work is already difficult enough for most individuals, and improving upon your academic and executive functioning skills does not need to be. Let us help you reach academic success!


Enjoying Nature

Do you feel you want more out of your romantic relationship but don't know where to start? Do you want to improve your communication and rekindle that spark but don't want to do a year of couples therapy to make it happen? 

Relationships are not easy. Luckily, with couples coaching you can get access to everything you need to take your relationship to the next level! Combining tools from couples therapy and from life coaching, you'll work with an online coach to create the relationship you want from the comfort of your home! 


Good news and bad news. The good news is that coaching is an extremely powerful way of creating changes in your life. The bad news is that while there are some really good coaches out there, today anyone can call themselves a “coach.” There are endless certification trainings that can be taken for free and finished within an hour, by people who want to make a quick buck or heard from a friend that they are a good listener.
I take people’s lives seriously. For more than a decade I’ve been training to be a coach and a psychotherapist, and still today in a Ph.D. program, working with the full gammot of human experience: from people with serious mental health challenges to the highly achieving CEOs of companies. During the last few years, I've been training the next generation of psychotherapists as an Adjunct Faculty at Naropa University. I’ve spent years researching how people make choices and decisions. Most importantly, I was learning why so many people choose not to pursue what they want to pursue and exploring ways to help people move forward, and applying this knowledge to help others. I’d love to help you take your next step!

I will hold you completely accountable and committed, in a structured, positive, compassionate, but completely honest way. We’ll develop a system for overcoming procrastination and taking action. Together we will find and surpass the edges of your limits and break new ground. We will expand the boundaries of what you can do, time after time, again and again and again, until it becomes second nature.

What WILL it feel like to make a dream real? Probably better than you can even imagine.


Personal, financial and professional growth. Abundance. Achievement. Work that doesn’t feel like work.


Let’s get you your dream.

Take the next step!

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A Few More Testimonials

Sasha Raskin exceeded my expectations. I managed to understand and to make a profound change in my relationships with friends and colleagues at work, and discovered spontaneity and creativity. I highly recommend that you go through the process with Sasha, a unique and professional coach who, with a great deal of caring and support, has enabled me to reach many insights and changes in my life in such a short time.

Esther Ashkenazi, Embassy of Mexico

Sasha Raskin is a coach who knows how to listen to what is said and beyond. Sasha's non-judgmental listening gives the trainee comfort and openness, helping to reach groundbreaking insights and change. Sasha, thank you very much. Keep it up.

Segev Rosenstadt, bank executive

Sasha gave me many great tools, tips and advice. One of the tools was to the ability to identify  my real priorities - not such a simple thing when you face so many tasks and factors in everyday life. Another thing that was challenging for me was time management, for which Sasha suggested a number of things that were extremely helpful. Sasha is a very interesting and compassionate person.

Maxim Michaeli, tourism business owner

I really enjoyed my sessions with Sasha. There was a sense of flow because of Sasha's high sensitivity, his intelligence, his ability to facilitate change, stay focused, and challenge efficiently.

Navit Tashach, The Institute for Democratic Education

The saying ‘ordinary people can do extraordinary things’ describes what Sasha helps to achieve really well. We all want to be happy and successful, satisfied with life, and even rich, but it's no secret that most of us don't get there. Not because we can’t but simply because we are not always willing to pay the price of leaving our comfort zone. I was able to realize a dream but I could not do it alone. Sasha was there for me, didn’t give up and encouraged me to act. Sasha knew what was stopping me and what was keeping me in the comfort zone. Coaching with Sasha helped me start doing and today I have a private business and I make other people smile.

Osnat Gershon, event planner

I managed to open up to people and to look at life a from a different angle. It gave me the tools to deal with the things I wanted to work on and the goals I wanted to achieve.

Anonymous, paramedic

The experience of coaching with Sasha was crucial for me. Sasha is a very sensitive and insightful person, which makes him an excellent coach. Thank you Sasha!

Hillel Reiner, music producer

I experienced a sense of safe space when Sasha welcomed my feelings and fears that prevented me from realizing the changes I wanted to see in my life, and he motivated me as well. He has an ability to really listen and concentrate on the things that are said and an ability to reflect back to me my challenges. I recommend him warmly to all those who are willing and believe in working towards the fulfillment of their goals. I have a lot of respect and appreciation for Sasha.

Or Yehuda, coach

My sense of self-confidence improved, my optimism got bigger and my sense of personal value soared. You have a personal charm, the ability to hold space, an ease that calms and you allow a pleasant sense of safety. I had the pleasure of knowing you and learning from you.

Guy, commercial real estate marketer

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