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If you're here, you might be thinking:


  • What business should I start?

  • Something isn’t working or doesn’t feel right about my existing business

  • I can't hit my financial goals 

  • I'm not going fast enough

  • If I start a business, do I need to leave my job? This is scary!

  • Do I have what it takes?

  • How do I find more clients (or customers)?

  • I seem to have hit a plateau. My business is good, but I want it to be GREAT.

  • I have to do everything myself

  • I feel burnt out

  • I don’t have the number or quality of clientele I want

  • I am ready, but I need help with taking the next step

You are here not just because you want to grow your business, to increase your revenue and to scale. You're really here because you want to grow as a leader, human, and a business owner (or manager). In business coaching we get underneath the surface issues.


My clients have found that our time together has helped them to create clarity, to plan and to reach previously unachievable goals, and find a deeper excitement than ever before. They have learned to view their businesses and projects in new ways while creating a balanced lifestyle. They made the positive changes to make their business thrive and you can too. 


When I work with my clients on creating and growing their desired businesses, or accomplishing their management goals, I notice that they are struggling with many of the same issues:


  • Lack of clarity

  • Procrastination - starting and finishing important tasks

  • Difficulties with planning

  • Time management

  • Motivation

  • Leadership skills

  • Public speaking

  • Group facilitation

  • Relationships at work 

  • Confidence   

  • Boredom

  • Fears

  • Financial uncertainties

  • Doubts

  • Overwhelm

  • Balance in life

  • Lack of support and loneliness 


We will work collaboratively to face these issues head-on!

My clients achieve incredible results:

leadership coachin and executive coachign in boulder co

Wellian, a revolutionary company, that created the first preventive wellness platform, set a goal to prevent 70% of health problems by using technology. Within a few months, they launched their product, secured work relationships with leading hospitals, authors and health experts in four continents and launched their pilot program.

This is is what the CEO has to say about our work together:




"My co-founder and I had the honor of being coached by Sasha recently.  Sasha created an inflection point in our lives both personally and professionally…  He helped us change the way we face our weaknesses and turn them into strengths, he helped us be confident but not turn into arrogant people…  When Boomtown told us that they will assign leadership coach to each of the cohort companies, my co-founder and I were so excited, we never had such opportunity in our lives before and we had no idea what would be the outcome.  But we had really high expectations and were so eager.  Our first session because of hectic schedule started a few weeks late, and we were so eager to know what really we are going to gain… Believe it or not, from the first session, we noticed that our high expectations “are met”.  Sasha is “awesome” (period).  With an insanely hectic schedule, most sessions we were few minutes late but each time when our session was ending, I had a “sad feeling that ooh, I wished it was longer!”  I typically don’t write review, and as far as I recall, this is the first review I’m writing on Google but I’m doing it because I strongly believe in Sasha’s ability to help you navigate your personal and professional life more seamlessly, flawlessly and confidently.  Thank you, Sasha!"

leadership coachin and executive coachign in boulder co

Visible Network - Aspen is a comprehensive platform that provides the technology and tools needed so that organizations, funders, and providers can map out both personal and organizational networks, spot the breakdowns, and create action plans to fill in the gaps and strengthen social connectedness for people. This is is what the CEO has to say about our work together:




"We are a small team in a startup technology company, and we were lucky enough to meet Sasha through an accelerator program. He worked with us for 10 weeks, supporting our team through a lot of fast transitional challenges. He was so skilled at managing a group of people in a single session, giving space for shared thoughts and expressions. He reminded us the of the importance of maintaining a focus on the mental health of the team, while running at lightning speed to launch a new company. We absolutely loved our time with Sasha."

audio fusion.png

Audio Fusion Systems, Inc. is a ground-breaking pro-audio software company that allows performers and speakers to use a phone as a wireless receiver for their in-ear monitors.


Kevin Slick


True Next Step provided excellent leadership coaching for the founders of our business! Sasha's practical, straight-forward approach challenged us to see our business from entirely new perspectives, and take the next steps to stretch and grow to the next level in our journey. 

University of Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) is a multi-campus technical university with its main campus based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is rated as a Tier-5 "Excellent University" by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. I've coached Amira Firdaus, a Deputy Director in this highly regarded university. 



Deputy Director
Academic Enhancement & Leadership Development Centre (ADeC)

My sessions with Sasha have been super beneficial! I am so glad I found Sasha. 

I really appreciate the way Sasha uses short stories to inspire me. And his coaching method to help me with time management (and getting ditficult tasks done) is working really well for me. 

 Theoretically I know about focusing on what works well, scheduling and chunking things down (these are just some of the things Sasha highlighted), but still I struggle with them. With Sasha's coaching, in just ONE session (seriously!), I learned and put into practice the actual "doing" of these amazing time management pratices. 


Tax planning and preparation services, small & mid-size business consulting, outsourced cfo services, bookkeeping and payroll.




Sasha is great. He has a wealth of life experience which really resonated when I was working through the tough choice to quit a well-paying but unsatisfying job and start my own accounting business. He's been there, and has been a tremendous help coaching through the mental blocks that could trip one up, and helping me see that the perception is usually much bigger than reality.  He also knows that it's not just me - but my family too, and has psychotherapeutic experience there as well that really keeps all of this together. Life Coaching is the perfect tag for his services and you'd be remiss not to work with Sasha.

You are here because you like to think big and believe you can do extraordinary things. You are a leader and you enjoy motivating others. You inspire others to achieve big goals. Maybe you call yourself a visionary or entrepreneur. Maybe you have founded a company, or manage a team. Maybe you have begun a start-up and you want to help others to improve their lives. You're an independent thinker, a problem solver, an acheiver.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur or manager, leadership is the one thing that will make or break your ability to reach your ultimate goals. Your biggest challenge can be that you keep doing things that you don’t want to be doing while postponing the things that are crucial to your success. You are probably overworked, putting out fires on all levels. Maybe you’re stuck in reactivity in a chaotic environment. Maybe you just have too many things to do. How clear are your priorities? How effective is your delegation?


It might feel like everyone wants something from you; emails, texts, phone calls, notifications, meetings. This can lead to a whirlwind of stress and a constant chase after the smallest problems instead of moving forward into the bigger vision. You might have a plan and don’t know what the next steps are, and you might feel that all the responsibility is on you; that you have to do everything on your own.


Are you reaching your financial goals? Do you trust in your ability to lead yourself and others to achieve real success? Are you able to inspire yourself, your employees or your team members? Do you wake up every day confident to take the necessary risks to move yourself to where you want to be? Are you excited every morning to get up knowing that once again you will be achieving great things that will lead you to your dream?


If any of the answers to the questions above are “no,” I bet you’re wondering what’s missing.

Is it that there’s not enough time because there are too many fires to put out? Or that your team isn’t fulfilling its potential because your workers aren’t doing their best? Maybe your boss doesn’t seem to value your accomplishments, or if you're the boss your employees don't respect you? Maybe there’s too much competition and your competitors are always one step ahead? Or is it that the industry has changed? Or a lack of capital is keeping you from taking the necessary steps?


While all of this might be true, there are deeper issues that may be underlying what’s really missing. In the end, it’s all about leadership. You are the person ultimately responsible. For creating the necessary changes, for empowering and motivating others to take the big risks to bring your vision into reality. To lead others to places they may not think are possible.


It’s time to completely focus and commit to the truly important things that will start moving you forward, exponentially.


When you become the leader that you always wanted to be, you will improve your ability to inspire, outperform yourself every time, achieve ambitious goals, empower your team members to become leaders themselves and keep expanding your comfort zone. This will naturally bring the solutions to your problems and will create time and space for addressing the really important things. Your goals, your dreams.


Imagine a future when your company or business is so successful that when you go to work, you don’t feel you’re going to work. Instead, you’re experiencing the joy of the adventure that grows more and more exciting each day. Everything you do happens with ease, flow, and you are jumping from achievement to achievement. You’re not drifting from a problem to a problem like it was before. You are clear. You and your team members know exactly what the goals are and what are all the steps needed to reach it. You know how to navigate the challenges and the conflicts that might arise, you use these as great opportunities for the team to experience the sense of working as a whole.


In leadership coaching, business coaching and executive coaching, you and/or your team will build on your strengths in becoming the leader/s that have a positive and deep impact on the world. In our work we will focus on clarifying your vision, and we’ll bring it to fruition. You will develop your inherent leadership skills in new ways that build on your experience and knowledge while implementing new proven methods of strengths-based leadership. Through radiating new confidence, people will be drawn to you due to your reputation as a leader in your field. Being in your presence will be inspiring.


Working together we will break any mental blocks to your achieving results and your true success. We will focus on the following:


  1. Vision. You will gain complete clarity on your vision

  2. Strategy. You will know exactly the needed steps to move from where you are today to your vision

  3. Mindset. Growth comes from overcoming challenges and plateaus. You will learn how to identify the limiting beliefs that define what you can and cannot do and to completely shift them around.

  4. Skillset. You will expand your skills exponentially so that you will be the most efficient and advanced leader in your industry that you can be.

  5. Energy. You will implement the changes that are needed to create a lifestyle that will be filled with the things that bring you energy and is free from those things that deplete your energy. You will have the life/balance you’ve always wanted but did not think was possible.


You do not have to be a CEO leader. Some of my clients are who do not manage companies or startups found their inner power as well in our leadership coaching:

  • A writer who spent 19 years on writing and rewriting his book finally published it 2 months after we started working together.

  • A burnt-out programmer decided to quit his job after 10 years and is now one of the leaders ina successful new tech company

  • A coach that had a dream to build a center for women’s empowerment recruited more than 50 new clients within 2 weeks by clarifying her priorities

  • A retired physics professor grew his part-time hobby into an essential part of a prominent thought-leader’s book

You might be wondering about my story…. Well, I’ve been in your shoes. For years I chased what was not essential and focused on things that I didn’t really care about that much. I started many companies: food catering, marketing agency, web design company, sound equipment company. While I achieved success, I was focusing on all the wrong things.


My calling is to touch lives and help others fulfill their dreams. By letting go of the unnecessary, I decided to study and practice what I was most interested in. Why is it that people many times do what they don’t want to be doing (by postponing indefinitely) the dreams that they truly want to be doing.


After six years of changing my majors in undergrad school, I finally decided to study what I really wanted to study, the human mind and its ability to thrive in life, career, business, relationships and even ADHD: 

  • I studied how people think and make decisions in my BA in Psychology.

  • I learned how to help people to turn their lives around in a Counseling Master's program at Naropa University.

  • I'm learning and practicing to a more effecient teacher and supervisor at a Ph.D. program in counseling Education and Supervision

  • I learned how to help families and couples create the lives that they wanted as a certified Marriage and Family Therapist.

  • I learned how to efficiently help clients create change in my coaching training in Adler Coaching Institute and taking it to the next level in mastering Coaching with Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes.

  • I learned how to support business owners and help my clients to show up powerfully and authentically in their personal relationships and romantic relationships by studying Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Gottman Couples Therapy, and PACT Couples Therapy.

  • To help business owners flourish I studied business and marketing with Hebrew University Business School, Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, Tony Robbins, Rich Litvin, Dean Graziosi, and more.

  • To help my clients live mindfully and create a balanced lifestyle I studied and practiced mindfulness and meditation at Naropa University, and with world-renowned teachers such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Jenny Bondurant, and more.

  • To help adults to cope with the challenges of ADHD and thrive by using its gifts, while mastering time management, productivity, and hyperfocus, I trained with the leading expert in the field of ADHD, Greg Crosby


I make an impact in the field of training the next generation of therapists and coaches at my Ph.D program in Counseling Education and Supervision, and as a Counseling Teacher at Naropa University. I coached hundreds of individuals, couples, families, and organizations, to create the changes that they struggled to create on their own. I am business coach and a leadership coach with one of the leading startup accelerators in the nation - Boomtown. And I do this while English is my third language and having  ADHD. So truly, if I can do it, so can you. And better yet, we can do it together!

Take the next step!


Sasha Raskin exceeded my expectations. I managed to understand and to make a profound change in my relationships with friends and colleagues at work, and discovered spontaneity and creativity. I highly recommend that you go through the process with Sasha, a unique and professional coach who, with a great deal of caring and support, has enabled me to reach many insights and changes in my life in such a short time.

Esther Ashkenazi, Embassy of Mexico

Sasha Raskin is a coach who knows how to listen to what is said and beyond. Sasha's non-judgmental listening gives the trainee comfort and openness, helping to reach groundbreaking insights and change. Sasha, thank you very much. Keep it up.

Segev Rosenstadt, bank executive

Sasha gave me many great tools, tips and advice. One of the tools was to the ability to identify  my real priorities - not such a simple thing when you face so many tasks and factors in everyday life. Another thing that was challenging for me was time management, for which Sasha suggested a number of things that were extremely helpful. Sasha is a very interesting and compassionate person.

Maxim Michaeli, tourism business owner

I really enjoyed my sessions with Sasha. There was a sense of flow because of Sasha's high sensitivity, his intelligence, his ability to facilitate change, stay focused, and challenge efficiently.

Navit Tashach, The Institute for Democratic Education

The saying ‘ordinary people can do extraordinary things’ describes what Sasha helps to achieve really well. We all want to be happy and successful, satisfied with life, and even rich, but it's no secret that most of us don't get there. Not because we can’t but simply because we are not always willing to pay the price of leaving our comfort zone. I was able to realize a dream but I could not do it alone. Sasha was there for me, didn’t give up and encouraged me to act. Sasha knew what was stopping me and what was keeping me in the comfort zone. Coaching with Sasha helped me start doing and today I have a private business and I make other people smile.

Osnat Gershon, event planner

My sense of self-confidence improved, my optimism got bigger and my sense of personal value soared. You have a personal charm, the ability to hold space, an ease that calms and you allow a pleasant sense of safety. I had the pleasure of knowing you and learning from you.

Guy, commercial real estate marketer

Whether you’re just starting out have or have been doing this for years, business coaching will be a strong catalyst for creating your six or more figure income from a business that you are truly inspired by.


In order to transform your business from its current state to the business of your dreams, we will do a powerful work in five major areas:


  1. Vision: I help you gain clarity on your vision: What does your dream business look like?

  2. Strategy: We’ll create a clear plan to help you get from the current state of your business (even if it’s just an idea) to the perfect place, where you want it to be. We’ll explore all the challenges and all the needed steps. Most importantly, we will make sure that between our sessions everything is getting done!

  3. Mindset: The process you’ll have to face won’t always be easy! Business coaching gives you support during the process, so you can maintain your commitment, excitement, and air out doubts and problems as they come up.

  4. Skillset: We’ll make sure that you acquire exactly the skills you need to reach your goal. You’ll get stronger, more efficient, and more confident  at the business skills you need - just like in athletic coaching! You will improve the strengths that you already possess, and effectively learn new ones.

  5. Energy: I’ll help you identify what gives you energy and what drains it: Take out everything from your life that is not needed, and add more of what you really want, and watch your dream life unfold around you!


Get back to your dreams, and make your business everything you want it to be and more!

How Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching Can Help You Get More WINs As A Leader

As a leader, achiever, entrepreneur, or an independent thinker that wants to help others do better with themselves and their lives, there are several tools that you can use to drive results in your journey. Whether you are running a company or leading a group of people, the leadership tools you have at your disposal would be the one thing that drives your success both as a team and as individuals. While it is almost expected that you would have acquired some of these skills at some point during your journey as a leader, there are several aspects of leadership that you probably didn’t polish just yet. If you want to master these leadership qualities without stress, hassle, or going through life-altering experiences to get them, you need a coach.

Many leaders – even the most experienced ones – get stuck up in a frenzy; born out of the fact that they keep doing the same thing while expecting things to turn out differently. Truth be told, you can’t use the same strategy and expect to produce different results or outcomes. I’m sure you know the famous quote of expecting this to work, being the definition of insanity. For this reason, any leader that wants to drive a team or group of individuals to achieve a set goal must first learn how to be a dynamic and spontaneous leader. In other words, you have to set clear priorities and goals for you and your team while you use your leadership qualities to motivate your team towards achieving these goals.

No doubt, there are a lot of responsibilities that come with being a leader or an executive of a company. It doesn't matter if you are running a startup company, a franchise, or a renowned firm; these responsibilities can creep up on you. That is if you don't have an effective delegation system in place and a vision of the bigger picture. As a matter of fact, you probably won't be able to reach your financial goals as a company or team without acquiring the right leadership qualities first. That is where executive coaching and leadership coaching comes in.

What is executive coaching and leadership coaching

In our modern day society where leaders and executives usually find themselves isolated in a consistent struggle to keep up with the responsibilities of their position, these leaders barely have the time and opportunity to improve on themselves and acquire apt leadership qualities and skills. In fact, even when it is crystal clear to executives that a strategy is not producing results as it should, they usually don’t have the time to go back and implement the change. That is why many executives rely on an executive coach to guide them on how to spot and resolve their performance problems.

But then again, that is not the sole purpose of an executive coach. What’s more, executive coaching gives leaders or executives the opportunity to cultivate apt executive-level skills as development needs that would influence the company positively.

There is a great line of distinction between executive coaching and other kinds of coaching that are focused around helping an individual achieve personal objectives. For instance, fiscal security, positive relationships, work-life balance, or happiness. While executive coaching is quite different from other kinds of coaching that targets personal goals and objectives, it also focuses on the personal life of the executive. This is in light of the fact that business and personal life are intertwined in some ways and so any executive that wants to lead an organization to greatness must master both aptly. Regardless, leadership or executive coaching are supposed to meet a company’s developmental needs.

One thing that really stands out with regards to executive or leadership coaching is that it is a two-way affair. It is also a personalized relationship between the executive coach and the executive. Executives are individuals who are responsible or in charge of other individuals. They are managers, entrepreneurs, supervisors, team leaders, or business owners.

Executive coaching is a partnership where the concerned parties (both the coach and leader) work hand in hand to achieve a planned goal. The main objective of this collaboration is to help the leader achieve an unrelenting behavioral transformation that would revolutionize the leader’s personal and business life.   


Common misconceptions about executive coaching     


The misconception that leadership coaching is the same thing as technical guidance is far from the truth. Just as the misconception that an executive coach is a career counselor. In spite of the fact that leaders usually discover their true potential through leadership coaching, it offers so much more than career counseling.

Also, it is quite different from executive consultancy. Due to the fact that a consultant only works to resolve an underlying issue, whilst giving solid advice on how to tackle the underlying issues. This is not the case with executive coaches. Unlike consultants, executive coaches work closely with their partner (the executive) by asking questions that would help the executives arrive at their own conclusions. As a result, the leader would be able to proffer solutions to the underlying problems of the organization without further help from the coach. Basically, while the consultant can give the executive the fish once, the coach can show the executive how to fish.

Another common misconception about leadership coaching is that some people mistake it for mentoring. But that is not the case. First of all, a mentor is someone who has experienced or walked the path you are on in the past. Along these lines, a mentor is usually an internal or external informal-supporter of an organization who have walked the rough-path before and has acquired a wealth of experience on the matter. But then again, they are vulnerable in some ways – since they usually have a hard time finding the middle ground the company and the mentee.

Lastly, executive coaching is not the same as training. This is a common misconception with regards to executive or leadership coaching. However, that is just wrong thinking. Executive training, for the most part, does not include introspection and reflection. What's more, trainers usually train their students with already established guidelines.  Sometimes trainers don't even understand the effect that their lessons have on different students. The complexities of human nature make training seem less effective when put shoulder to shoulder with executive coaching. Unlike trainers, executive coaches offer personalized lessons to help leaders discover themselves and their true potential. In this way, the strategy used to coach one executive will almost certainly be different from the strategy used to coach the next executive.

Here are two main categories of leadership coaching:

1.    Developmental coaching

2.    Coaching to resolve issues or risks

1.    Developmental coaching: This type of leadership coaching is recommended for leaders who want to acquire the right leadership qualities and skills. In this way, giving the leaders/executive the right tools needed to create a work life that is both balanced and effective. In the event that the executive is just taking on a new leadership role or position, an executive coach can work with him/her as well as the team to create a standard of excellence. In cases where an organization need to replace an existing executive, leadership coaches can make the succession process seamless for the organization and the successor. Executive coaches achieve this by helping candidates recognize the inherent potentials that would help them become better leaders in that organization.

2.     Coaching to resolve issues and risk: Another area where the role of an executive coach is made obvious is when an executive is experiencing difficulty in performing his/her role in an organization. This difficulty can arise from stress, anxiety, as well as personal issues. The role of an executive coach here is to help the executives find the balance between their business responsibilities as well as their personal life. In the event that the members of a team are finding it hard to come to terms with each other, an executive coach can also step in to resolve the conflict.

​Why you need executive leadership coaching?  

One second. That's all it takes to make a decision – whether good or bad. When it comes to making decisions in an organization as an executive, everything boils down to time. The truth of the matter is that you probably won't have enough time to deliberate and reflect on your choices. For this reason, you need to be able to think fast, recognize opportunities, and make quick and accurate decisions.

Executive coaches can teach you that. Yet, decision-making is just one of the numerous skills you stand to learn from an executive coach. In plainer terms, an executive coach is someone with the ability to unlock the hidden potential or leadership qualities of an executive. This would help the executive maximize his or her own performance just as the performance of the organization as a whole. On the off chance that you are curious about why you need an executive leadership coaching – here is why:


1.    Become an effective leader

The misconception that the number of years you spend in an organization would make you an effective leader is just wrong thinking. In spite of the fact that you can build a wealth of experience as you grow older in an organization, it doesn’t qualify you as an effective leader. A leader is someone who is willing to add value as well as to take responsibilities for the success and failures of his/her team. Although some people think that leadership is an inherent attribute, it is, in fact, a skill that is learned and honed with time.

As individuals and as leaders, we often feel boxed-in in our work environment, and so we find it difficult to admit our fears and worries lest people (employees and management) think that we are incompetent or weak. Yet, having an executive coach can help you open up on your developmental issues without feeling uncomfortable. Through this sincere, invigorating, and supportive discussions, you'll be able to tap into your hidden leadership qualities and potentials. Ultimately, you would be to make better and informed decisions that would ensure the growth of your entire organization.

2.    Have a competitive edge over your team or industry

Like we said earlier, executives are in charge of making most of the hard decisions of an organization. We also said that an effective leader would be able to recognize opportunities, understand the landscape, and make quick and accurate decisions. With all these leadership qualities, a well-coached executive would be competent when it comes to making decisions that would boost an organization's performance. In other words, both the executive and the organization (where the well-coached executive works) would have a competitive edge over their competitors. When an executive is coached on how to resolve issues and risks, that executive would be able to unite the whole team. This will also boost performance in the organization, and their rivals would have more reasons to worry.

3.    Boost confidence and effectiveness

No doubt, one of the fundamental reasons why people hire executive coaches is to be edified on how to deal with tactical issues in their organization. For instance, people hire executive coaches, to improve team rapport, to resolve an underlying conflict or to acquire apt decision-making skills. Coupled with the fact that people usually acquire this wealth of knowledge through a few sessions with an executive coach, leaders also learn soft skills. Truth be told, no one would appreciate a leader that is machine-efficient but isn’t emotionally intelligent. Executive coaching helps leaders see the greater picture while helping them comprehend the intricacies of human nature. In this way, they’ll be much more effective at motivating their team to work towards achieving a set goal. Also, they would be confident enough to take on new challenges as they achieve their organization’s set goals.


4.    Build trust

For many leaders and employees, trusting another individual or a group of individuals to add value to their organization can be a daunting task. Despite the fact that most people, find it is easier to depend on their own inventiveness and assertiveness to get them their envisioned goal. It is not the best way to go. Regardless of all the leadership qualities, you may possess as a leader; you'll have a hard time achieving your goals when you fail to trust your team. This is one of the important leadership qualities and skills you'll learn when you choose executive coaching. As you grow to become an effective leader, you'll learn to delegate tasks to your team members. Consequently, you'll be able to save quality time on each project while building a more effective team.

5.    Create a balance between your personal life and work

Generally, people who bear the title of leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, employers, or employees also doubles as mothers, sons, daughters, or fathers. Point is, many of us lead busy lives that can tilt towards two opposite directions. As an effective leader or executive, you need to create a balance between your work and home. That is the only way you can be in total control of your home and work environment. An executive coach can help you create this balance. In fact, this is one of the major upsides of executive coaching. Another major upside to having an executive coach is that they will teach you how to be the master of your emotions. Through leadership coaching, you would learn how to think rationally regardless of the circumstances. This will not only help you keep the peace at home, but it would also boost your relationship with other employees, partners, and teammates in your organization.

6.    Earn your desired promotion

In the event that you have been desiring a promotion at your place of work or anywhere else, an executive leadership coaching can help you attain your envisioned promotion. Leadership coaching gives you the right set of tools needed to make significant headway in an organization. Which implies that you would be acquiring the necessary leadership qualities needed to make an impact in your envisioned position when you learn from an executive coach. At an organization level, your employer would be able to recognize these newly attained leadership qualities and would most likely single you out as the man or woman for the job.

On the off chance that you are yearning for a better position in your organization or you want to be more effective in your daily decision-making process. You need to contact an executive leadership coach, to help you cultivate the right leadership qualities that would boost your performance – both as an individual and as a company.  

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