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You might be thinking:


  • I feel stuck

  • I’m successful in most areas of my life, but not in this

  • I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start

  • I’m just spinning my wheels

  • There are so many things I want to accomplish, but how can I accomplish them all?

  • I don’t want to go to therapy to talk about problems, but I want to achieve my goals

  • I have big dreams

  • I wish I could be held accountable by someone in reaching my goals

  • It’s easy to start my projects, but then I stop

  • I keep putting off pursuing my goals, until later, but later never comes

  • I want more out of life

Well, it's time for a change. In life coaching, we get underneath the surface issues. My clients have found that our time together has helped them to create clarity, to plan and to reach previously unachievable goals, and find a deeper excitement than ever before. They have learned to view themselves, their life, career, leisure time, and relationships in new ways while creating a balanced lifestyle. They made the positive changes to thrive and live a life of satisfaction, and you can too.


When I work with my clients on creating the perfect vision of their life, I notice that they are struggling with many of the same issues:


  • Lack of clarity

  • Procrastination

  • Difficulties with planning

  • Time management

  • Motivation

  • Relationships

  • Confidence

  • Boredom

  • Fears

  • Financial uncertainties

  • Doubts

  • Overwhelm

  • Balance in life

  • Lack of support

  • Consistency in taking the next step


Self -exploration happens through action. Real growth comes from stepping out of your comfort zone and facing challenges. We will work collaboratively to face these issues head on to make them your strengths!

Whether you want to make one small change or changes on a large scale, life coaching will be a strong catalyst for creating a life well-lived. When looking back over your life, do you want to be able to say that you made a difference in the lives of the people around you, that you took risks, pursued your passions, and lived your life to the fullest? Do you want to live your life in a way that people will remember you by?


There is a reason why Olympic athletes have coaches that consistently help them reach heights that were previously unreachable. Real self-growth comes from stepping out of your comfort zone and facing challenges.


In our work together, you will be challenged within the boundaries that you set. You will create habits of success and eliminate habits that hold you back.


To transform your life from its current state to the life of your dreams, we will do powerful work in five major areas:


  1. Vision: I help you gain clarity on your vision: What does your dream life look like?

  2. Strategy: We’ll create a clear plan to help you get from the current state to where you want it to be. We’ll explore all the challenges and all the needed steps. Most importantly, we will make sure that between our sessions everything is getting done!

  3. Mindset: The process you’ll have to face won’t always be easy! Life coaching gives you support during the process, so you can maintain your commitment, excitement, and air out doubts and problems as they come up, as well as celebrate your achievements.

  4. Skillset: We’ll make sure that you acquire and improve exactly the skills you need to reach your goal. You’ll get stronger, more efficient, and more confident in the area(s) you want to improve - just like in athletic coaching!

  5. Energy: I’ll help you identify what increases your energy and what drains it: Take out everything from your life that is not needed, add more of what you really want, and watch your dream life unfold around you!


Get back to your dreams, and make your life everything you want it to be and more!

Take the next step!


Testimonials home

Sasha Raskin exceeded my expectations. I managed to understand and to make a profound change in my relationships with friends and colleagues at work, and discovered spontaneity and creativity. I highly recommend that you go through the process with Sasha, a unique and professional coach who, with a great deal of caring and support, has enabled me to reach many insights and changes in my life in such a short time.

Esther Ashkenazi, Embassy of Mexico

Sasha Raskin is a coach who knows how to listen to what is said and beyond. Sasha's non-judgmental listening gives the trainee comfort and openness, helping to reach groundbreaking insights and change. Sasha, thank you very much. Keep it up.

Segev Rosenstadt, bank executive

Sasha gave me many great tools, tips and advice. One of the tools was to the ability to identify  my real priorities - not such a simple thing when you face so many tasks and factors in everyday life. Another thing that was challenging for me was time management, for which Sasha suggested a number of things that were extremely helpful. Sasha is a very interesting and compassionate person.

Maxim Michaeli, tourism business owner

I really enjoyed my sessions with Sasha. There was a sense of flow because of Sasha's high sensitivity, his intelligence, his ability to facilitate change, stay focused, and challenge efficiently.

Navit Tashach, The Institute for Democratic Education

The saying ‘ordinary people can do extraordinary things’ describes what Sasha helps to achieve really well. We all want to be happy and successful, satisfied with life, and even rich, but it's no secret that most of us don't get there. Not because we can’t but simply because we are not always willing to pay the price of leaving our comfort zone. I was able to realize a dream but I could not do it alone. Sasha was there for me, didn’t give up and encouraged me to act. Sasha knew what was stopping me and what was keeping me in the comfort zone. Coaching with Sasha helped me start doing and today I have a private business and I make other people smile.

Osnat Gershon, event planner

I managed to open up to people and to look at life a from a different angle. It gave me the tools to deal with the things I wanted to work on and the goals I wanted to achieve.

Anonymous, paramedic

The experience of coaching with Sasha was crucial for me. Sasha is a very sensitive and insightful person, which makes him an excellent coach. Thank you Sasha!

Hillel Reiner, music producer

I experienced a sense of safe space when Sasha welcomed my feelings and fears that prevented me from realizing the changes I wanted to see in my life, and he motivated me as well. He has an ability to really listen and concentrate on the things that are said and an ability to reflect back to me my challenges. I recommend him warmly to all those who are willing and believe in working towards the fulfillment of their goals. I have a lot of respect and appreciation for Sasha.

Or Yehuda, coach

My sense of self-confidence improved, my optimism got bigger and my sense of personal value soared. You have a personal charm, the ability to hold space, an ease that calms and you allow a pleasant sense of safety. I had the pleasure of knowing you and learning from you.

Guy, commercial real estate marketer

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