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Have you been diagnosed with ADD / ADHD?


Are you undiagnosed, but suspect you might have ADD / ADHD?


Are your career and relationships suffering from your problems with focusing, time management, and finishing things?

Confusion, shame and enormous frustration can develop from feeling like you can’t do what’s expected of you while others have an easy time of it. Every person with ADHD is unique, and has unique gifts because of their ADHD. Don’t suffer from it anymore- thrive with it! I’d love to show you how, in a safe and supportive group environment.

The purpose of these online groups is to take a fresh look at ADHD through the lens of the most current research. Stepping outside of the outdated boundaries of the disease model allows seeing the value of the unique strengths that come with ADHD, such as the ability to hyperfocus for long periods of time on exciting tasks. By utilizing cutting-edge research-based techniques of working with one’s own brain chemistry, we address the challenges that come with ADHD around attention and action regulation in a very effective way beyond relying on medication alone. The group members share their struggles and successes with each other and learn about different topics around working with ADHD.


These affordable groups take place every two weeks via a video conference call, and last one hour.

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Some of the themes we will talk about include:


  • What is ADHD?

  • Mindfulness techniques

  • Movement techniques

  • What are the challenges and what are the unique gifts of ADHD

  • Tools to work with procrastination that really work

  • Learning styles

  • Sleep hygiene

  • Communication skills

  • Brain chemistry

  • Organization

  • And many more, including your own personal challenges and successes


If that feels like something that might be a good fit for you or for someone you know, please contact me via the contact form below for details and to schedule a short phone interview.

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