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Let me ask you something… 


Do everyday communication tasks leave you feeling drained and discouraged? 


Do past experiences, and nagging insecurities make attending social gatherings feel nerve-wracking?


Do you feel “socially awkward” and does it impact your sense of confidence?


Does the stress of conversing with others make it challenging to reach out when you want to connect with peers, potential romantic partners or network in your career?


If the answer to any of those was “yes”, bear with me for a few more questions to give you a greater picture of how I can help!

Do persistent feelings of fear or unease prevent you from speaking with new people you are interested in?


Do you want to form stronger, and more satisfying connections with friends, family, partners, at school and in your career?


Does it feel like there is a massive distance between yourself and the skills that you need to experience the social, work and personal life that you desire for yourself?


Now imagine how great it would feel to re-read those questions and confidently answer “no!”. If that is of interest to you, you’ve come to the right place! 

Communication and social strengths aren't intrinsic and do not determine your value-meaning that they don’t necessarily come naturally for many people and having them, or struggling to gain them does not make you a better or worse person! 


Similarly, they are possible to learn and are not gate-kept behind a “one solution” idea that promises to “fix” differences or insecurities. Rather, communication and social strengths are skills based on sets of tips and tricks that you have the power to learn…if you have the desire and are willing to commit the effort!

The good news is that with personalized support and in conjunction with these social “tools”, you can work through feelings of hopelessness, process past situations and formulate new, positive ways of engaging with others, becoming a more confident, outgoing, clear and purposeful communicator. The first step in this journey is realizing that you are worth the investment, and committing to working towards these goals through personalized coaching.

I’m Alex Lioznov, and I coach my clients at the True Next Step coaching center to achieve more holistically fulfilling interpersonal relations. I studied Communication Science and Disorders in college and then earned my Master's in Speech-Language Pathology, so I specialize in supporting individuals with communication differences. 


As someone who successfully lives with generalized anxiety disorder, I will approach your concerns with empathy and firm encouragement, teaching you clear, simple, and manageable strategies that help you feel more confident in all aspects of your social experience. 

Encouragement and accountability are at the core of my methods; we are on this journey as a team and will keep working, dealing with hiccups and stressors along the way together. I will teach you clear, simple, and manageable tips and tricks in order to help you feel more confident when it comes to all things regarding socialization.

You will leave sessions feeling empowered and equipped to challenge negative thinking patterns, ready to achieve social milestones that once felt impossible, and confident to navigate daily interactions. 

More specifically, I will help you to: initiate conversations with peers, build strong and lasting relationships, reach out to someone you are interested in romantically, communicate at a party or a gathering more confidently, present in front of a crowd of people, and set social boundaries and expectations. Most importantly, these methods and much more will be tailored to you specifically because you are unique and deserve personalized support and direction. 

While each client’s goals and journey are unique, my past clients have developed new friendships and romantic relationships, felt more organized and in control of their well-being, entered the world of dating, improved in communicating with peers in school and with coworkers/higher-ups at work, transitioned into managing adulthood successfully and gained overall confidence in their social worth and ability to communicate.

Let’s get started!

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