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After receiving many inquiries from parents who wanted to better support their neurodiverse children, we have decided to offer parent coaching services. 


Parents have reached out in hopes of getting coaching that can help their children. We believe that the individuals we coach need to be intrinsically motivated to make changes and achieve goals. Children often rely on their parents for this motivation until a certain age. If you feel your child could benefit from this type of service, but they are under high school age, this may be a great opportunity for you.


Or, if you have adult children who you feel would benefit from this type of support but are not ready to take it on independently, you may have an easier time convincing them to take this on if you frame it in a way that puts you in the center. 


Many of you have likely heard the common quote, “It takes a village to raise children”. We definitely believe this to be true. As children go through different stages of development, parents often feel alone in helping their children resolve problems and face challenges that they are not necessarily familiar with. 


We understand what it is like to support a child, especially ones with a variety of diagnoses. Our coaches are here to support and advise you so you do not feel alone in figuring out how to support your child. 

I’m Alex Lioznov, and I've been a coach and a pediatric speech-language pathologist for several years. Through that work, I've had a lot of experience working with parents and helping them find resources for their children with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety and more. 


If this type of support may help you feel better in parenting your neurodiverse children, please do not hesitate to book a consultation. We will chat and see if this type of coaching can be a helpful resource for you and your family.

Take the next step!

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