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5 Time Management Tips that Boost Productivity in Career and Life (Especially if You Have ADD / ADHD

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

5 Time Management Tips that Boost Productivity in Career and Life (Especially if You Have ADD / ADHD), True Next Step: Business, Career and ADD / ADHD Coaching in Boulder, CO and Worldwide. boulder career coach denver career coaching

Today’s ever-busy and stressful workplace is jam-packed with productivity killers. From noisy co-workers and office gossip to texting and social media, there are way too many distractions that can derail your ability to give your 100% every day. And let’s face it; time management is a skill that doesn’t come organically even to the best of us. It’s something that you need to work on day after day.

You don’t need to be reminded that time-wasting affects not only your productivity but also your business and career growth as well the bottom line of the company. It costs American billions of dollar every year. Even though I’ll be talking in this blog post about time management at work, keep in mind that it all applies to our lives outside of work as well. So, what’s the remedy?

Today, I’m going to walk you through 5 fantastic time management strategies that can do wonders for your productivity.

#1. Know your Major “Time-Waster”

Create a list of things that you often waste your time on. Whether you spend oodles of time on social media or chatting with your cubicle-mate, you need to keep a tab on your key time-wasters. This way, you will consciously avoid them and use your time wisely. The list will also serve a nifty reminder of things you should stay away from when at work.

#2. Plan Your Day the Night Before or Early in the Morning

The cliche that failing to plan is planning to fail holds when it comes to sprucing up your time management skills. In fact, planning your day ahead is a strategy that has worked like a charm for the ranks of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and so on. The last thing you want is to waste your time going through a stack of papers and disorganized schedule just a few moments before an important meeting.

#3. Get Rid of Social Media Apps

It has recently come to light that an average American employee spends nearly 3.6 hours on social media apps. It’s become a huge concern for many organizations. That’s why you’re better off hiding or uninstalling that Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram app.

#4. Start Off with Most Important Tasks

Don’t get me wrong; it’s often easy to do simplest tasks first. For many, that’s actually a big no-no. It’s always crucial to jump on the big, important projects first. You see, you want to tackle less-tasking projects when you’re worn out. And by starting with important tasks, you’ll feel relieved once done and your day will flow smoothly.

#5. Bundle Up Related Tasks

It’ll save you time and a massive headache of switching between projects. Remember this doesn’t mean that you should multi-task. By working on related tasks one after another, you’ll boost your productivity and avoid wasting time in-between them.

Congratulations! With these handy time management tips, you can take your productivity to the next level. And of course, reading and doing are two different things. If you need help with time-management and with putting these strategies into practice, it would be useful to hire a productivity coach. Someone who is skilled and knowledgeable in career coaching and ADD / ADHD coaching (shameless plug) have the advantage of really understanding time management, on a deep, research-based level.

Sasha Raskin, MA, is an international #1 bestselling co-author , the founder and CEO of Go New , a transformational education program, a life, and business coach and a psychotherapist in Boulder, CO. He is working on a P.h.D in Counseling Education and Supervision and is an adjunct faculty at the Contemplative Counseling master’s program at Naropa University, from which he also graduated. Sasha has been in the mental health field for more than 10 years, worked with youth at risk, recovery, mental health hospitals, and coached individuals, couples, families, startups, and groups. He has created mindfulness stress reduction and music therapy programs within different organizations. Whether it’s in person or via phone/video calls, Sasha uses cutting-edge, research-based techniques to help his clients around the world to thrive.

As a coach Sasha Raskin provides individual and group coaching in Boulder, Colorado, and worldwide via video and phone calls, drawing from over ten years of experience. His services include: life coaching, business coaching, career coaching, ADD / ADHD coaching, leadership coaching, and executive coaching. Schedule your free 20-minute coaching phone consultation with Sasha Raskin

As a counselor in Boulder, CO, Sasha provides individual counseling in Boulder, CO , family therapy in Boulder, CO, and couples therapy in Boulder, CO, marriage counseling in Boulder, Colorado, and couples intensives / couples retreats, drawing from over ten years of clinical experience. Schedule your free 20-minute psychotherapy phone consultation with Sasha Raskin

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